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Favourite Club : SL Benfica and Liverpool
About the Author : Football writer, blogger and fanatic. 30 years supporting SL Benfica. Writer of Objective Barcelona : How To Beat The Most Powerful Team In The World http://objectivebarcelona.net

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Articles by this Author

Messi Vs. Ronaldo - Much More Than Just Numbers

06 Jun 2012
by Objective Barcelona
Everyone compares Ronaldo and Messi through the numbers. Which one scores more goals, makes more assists, wins more titles. And then are the tech... [More]

Quo Vadis Football? Money Matters The Most These Days

03 Jun 2012
by Objective Barcelona
In the last days world football has again been turmoiled by Match Fixing scandals in Italian football. Where is football heading to? - [More]

Objective Barcelona: Beating The Best Team In The World

26 May 2012
by Objective Barcelona
The problem is that once in possession, teams playing against Barça can't decide correctly what to do with the ball. [More]