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Articles by this Author

Famous old trophies - which should make a comeback?

06 Mar 2012
by Rich Nelson
While Sky would soil themselves at so many big games, there just isn't room. [More]

Should Harry take the job? Four lions who didn't roar...

12 Feb 2012
by Rich Nelson
Would Redknapp risk his golden boy image with the media by taking on the poisoned chalice of the England job? [More]

Football sponsors and their marketing strategy

29 Nov 2011
by Rich Nelson
Several large companies see it as a major marketing strategy - but is it always right? [More]

Crest v copyrights - more than a symbol?

24 Nov 2011
by Rich Nelson
Most clubs have changed their badge over the years, and in the end, the fans just get on with it [More]

We paid for your hats - Policing at football

22 Nov 2011
by Rich Nelson
Certain institutions have an almighty say in the running of football these days. Television. Sponsors. The Police. [More]

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

21 Nov 2011
by Rich Nelson
You don't need a maths degree to know that the only statistic that really matters is the one that we look for in on Final Score. [More]

Escape to solid 0-0 draw - Football on the silver screen

20 Nov 2011
by Rich Nelson
Would people fawn over Eboue: The Musical? Or perhaps 90 minutes of watching John Terry try to keep his footing... [More]

She wore a yellow ribbon - Is Wembley losing it's magic?

18 Nov 2011
by Rich Nelson
Perhaps the Euro 96 effect did more for English football than first thought. [More]