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About the Author : Rob studied Journalism at Warwick University. He has avid experience in Football writing for various sources including the Daily Mirror. "There are no sheep or bandwagons here, just what I think".

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Articles by this Author

Harry Redknapp Was His Own Downfall

20 Jun 2012
by Rob Wildey
Ludicrous. Ridiculous. Inexplicable. Three words the media have used to describe Harry Redknapp's dismissal as Tottenham boss. How could a man wh... [More]

Liverpool embark on new era under Brendan

11 Jun 2012
by Rob Wildey
This King has left the building. Now its time for a new era for Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers. What can the Liverpool fans expect? [More]

The England Squad Debate

02 May 2012
by Rob Wildey
Now the England manager debacle is done and dusted, can we start having the argument that we have every other year when a tournament is on the hi... [More]