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About the Author : Londoner with Bayern Munich season ticket. Dull story but you get to eat lots of different sausages

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Not losing my shirt

05 Jul 2013
by Mike Richards
The time is coming when I might not be the only one in Epsom Waitrose with Schweinsteiger on me back! [More]

Goon, but not forgotten

21 Feb 2013
by Mike Richards
I survived my experience NOT being in the away end at the Emirates last night. [More]

As long as they don't shit in my shoe

19 Feb 2013
by Mike Richards
Years ago Billy Connolly did a sketch about a man ending up, suitably refreshed, in the wrong end at a football ground.  I fear this coul... [More]

And Real Madrid will play..... Carshalton Athletic!

10 Jun 2012
by Mike Richards
I really should, rather than travel the 709 miles from my house to the Allianz Arena in Munich every other week, support my local club. My annual... [More]

Roy Hodsgon - Six Degrees Of Separation

05 Jun 2012
by Mike Richards
1. Roy Hodgson was born in Croydon. 2. As was Jeff Beck, whose song, “Hi, Ho , Silver Lining” always finished badly-organised parties... [More]

Hello Baku, it's been a great show

03 Jun 2012
by Mike Richards
If there is no clear winner after 120 minutes in this year’s UEFA European Football Championships final, for the first time since its incep... [More]

Joey Barton - Special Agent

17 May 2012
by Mike Richards
The reason Joey Barton is always getting into trouble is because he’s simply not inherited the genes of his Uncle & special agent, Dick Barton! [More]

Mancini, oh, oh, oh oh (repeat six times)

12 May 2012
by Mike Richards
The Daily Telegraph have produced some research showing that, since 2008, Manchester City have spent £980.4m. All raised through car-boot sales! [More]

And the Amazonians always win on penalties

11 May 2012
by Mike Richards
In England the bottom three in the Premiership get relegated and in the Bundesliga the third to last team plays the one ending in third-place in ... [More]

Portnoy's Complaint - Just not 24 hours before a game

07 May 2012
by Mike Richards
Roy Hodgson admits to reading Philip Roth. Although unlikely to be picked for the US by Jurgen Klinsman, what might Roy's Literary XI be? [More]

From Balham to Bavaria

05 May 2012
by Mike Richards
When, in the 67th minute of the 1966/67 FA Cup Final, Frank Saul scored Tottenham's second (and ultimately winning) goal, having lived in Balham ... [More]