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Assessing Chelsea's Summer Recruits

07 Sep 2013
by Martin Li
Chelsea sought to do their business sooner rather than later this summer & it paid off amidst all the last-minute panic-buying of other top clubs [More]

What We Learnt From Mourinho's First Month Back

01 Sep 2013
by Martin Li
It is difficult and would be foolish to make a judgement on Mourinho's return just two weeks into the season, but at first glance, the signs are ... [More]

Everton 1-2 Chelsea

31 Dec 2012
by Martin Li
Chelsea became the first team to beat Everton at Goodison Park this season, as Frank Lampard popped up with his 191st and 192nd Chelsea goal... [More]

Roberto Di Matteo, Thank You For The Memories.

26 Nov 2012
by Martin Li
The classic Arthur Miller play 'Death Of A Salesman' includes a scene where a man argues with his boss about his sacking. In his defence, fi... [More]

Didier Drogba: The Legend

01 Jul 2012
by Martin Li
On 20th July 2004, Chelsea signed a 26-year-old Marseille striker in the name of Didier Drogba. Without doing anything particularly spectacular i... [More]

Mr Chelsea: Roman Abramovich

27 May 2012
by Martin Li
  When people talk about “Mr Chelsea”, the names often thrown around are “John Terry”, “Frank Lampard” a... [More]

True Winner This Season - Roberto Di Matteo

23 May 2012
by Martin Li
The name carries legendary status around West London: Roberto Di Matteo. And the club attaches emotionally in his heart: Chelsea Football Club. S... [More]

Story Of Chelsea's Season

22 May 2012
by Martin Li
  This season, in many ways, sums up Chelsea over the last eight years. Sacking, drama, tension, alleged player power, but ultimately, succe... [More]

Five Reasons Why Di Matteo Must Be Chelsea’s Permanent Manager

17 May 2012
by Martin Li
Roberto Di Matteo was, in a sense, a surprise short-term appointment. The likes of Fabio Capello and Rafael Benitez was named as potential interi... [More]

What is Roberto Di Matteo doing right that AVB could not?

17 Mar 2012
by Martin Li
22nd June 2011: Chelsea appoint Andre Villas-Boas. "The Young One", given the perceived unfeasible task of getting rid of the old, and drafting i... [More]

Sacking AVB will ask more questions than it solves

20 Feb 2012
by Martin Li
"Sacked in the morning", sang the away fans. Standard. "Booooooooo", jeered the Chelsea 'faithful'. Little more concerning. "Only one J... [More]

AVB's Inexperience Shines Through Once Again

08 Feb 2012
by Martin Li
Question: How many times have Chelsea blown a 3-0 lead? Answer? Never in Premier League history. Never. AVB's inexperience shone through on ... [More]

How do you solve a problem like Torres?

20 Jan 2012
by Martin Li
The enigma that does not solve. The conundrum that even the geeks at Havard University would not be able to cipher. The hardest problem to calcul... [More]