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Inter Milan Transfer Roundup - A new era under Walter Mazzarri

07 Sep 2013
by Tuaha Sohail
This article takes a look at the transfer activity done by Inter Milan this summer. [More]

Losing Spurs-bound Willian is a cause of concern for Liverpool

23 Aug 2013
by Tuaha Sohail
We examine the consequences for Liverpool on missing out signing a potentially world class player in Willian to one of their top 4 rivals(Spurs) [More]

Ferguson urges fans to end bitterness towards Liverpool

22 Sep 2012
by Tuaha Sohail
Ahead of the highly anticipated clash with Liverpool on Sunday, Ferguson urges fans to stand with 'great neighbors' Liverpool at Anfield. [More]

10 Footballers to watch out for at the Olympics!

27 Jul 2012
by Tuaha Sohail
Lets take a look at 10 players that are likely to light up the tournament. Some exciting young talents have made the list! [More]

Transfer Update of Top European Clubs

20 Jul 2012
by Tuaha Sohail
The article summarizes the details of all the major transfers, that may happen in the coming days, involving the top European clubs. [More]

Transfer Watch : Who's In and Who's Out?

15 Jul 2012
by Tuaha Sohail
The round up of all the big transfers (as of 13 July) that may happen in the coming days. [More]

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Euro 2012

15 Jun 2012
by Tuaha Sohail
Euro 2012 has gotten off to a great start, with most teams still in the hunt to qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament. From upsets li... [More]

Any hope for the Three Lions fans?

11 Jun 2012
by Tuaha Sohail
A glimpse of what you can expect from the English team at the Euro 2012. [More]