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About the Author : Long time Liverpool fan, New Zealander living a long way from the Kop! Keen to add to the noise through this website and stir up some debate. Will occasionally comment on the local Oceania scene too.

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Why Brendan, Why?

20 May 2012
by Danny N
Brendan Rodgers says no to Liverpool - why? and what does this say of the current Liverpool malaise? [More]

Where next for Eden Hazard?

05 May 2012
by Danny N
Eden Hazard has made no secret of the fact that he hopes to play in to the Premier League next season. What’s the best team for him to move to? [More]

The Post-Kenny Future For Liverpool

01 May 2012
by Danny N
There's no way Kenny Dalglish will be Liverpool manager next season. Who will replace him? [More]