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Is Bale Bailing Out Of A Sinking Ship?

30 Aug 2013
by Gaetano Russo
impending deal of Bale to Madrid has re-ignited the argument being made by many fans, pundits, journalists and general commentators for the whole... [More]

The Myth Of Squad Depth, And The Hard Truth

20 Aug 2013
by Gaetano Russo
Once upon a time, substitutions were limited, benches consisted of just three players, and having real squad depth meant having more than 16 play... [More]

Why The 4-2-3-1 May Fall Before It's Even Begun

22 Jul 2013
by Gaetano Russo
With the shake up of managers across Europe this summer, the presence of the true 4-2-3-1 is threatened among the big clubs. [More]

What's In A Transfer?

12 Jun 2013
by Gaetano Russo
The summer transfer-window is all the fun of the fair, but it's also a great measure of the intentions, and the approach of a club. [More]

Mourinho Must Sign Strikers! Simple!

10 Jun 2013
by Gaetano Russo
Mourinho's return to Chelsea has provided fans with the kind of approach that they've been craving for years. [More]

Mata Faces Marathon Summer!

01 Jun 2013
by Gaetano Russo
To those of you who say that players should put up and shut up if they're working at this point in the season, put yourself in Juan Mata's shoes. [More]