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About the Author : MSc Coaching Science Student, BSc (Hons), Football Coach, Father of Four, I enjoy Notational Analysis and Pedagogy in Football. I follow most sports.

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Attacking The Zone 14

08 May 2012
by Luke Hussey
The increased use of notational ('performance' or 'statistical') analysis in football has become an accepted part of the game well below the elit... [More]

The Dark Arts of Barcelona

19 Apr 2012
by Luke Hussey
After spending a number of months analysing Barcelona UEFA Champions League Campaign from 2010/11 Season a number of defence tactics became appar... [More]

Darius Dziekanowski - The Man from Another Planet

31 Mar 2012
by Luke Hussey
Dariusz Dziekanowski was an immensely talented striker who sadly lacked the commitment to make the most of his considerable talents. The Polish i... [More]

Manchester United back to square one in Europe?

26 Mar 2012
by Luke Hussey
Since 2005-6 season when Manchester United last went out of the UCL at the group stage, Sir Alex Ferguson embarked on a rebuilding program to add... [More]

The Future of the Game in England

25 Mar 2012
by Luke Hussey
The last survey of coaching qualifications across Europe indicated that there are only 2,769 English coaches holding Uefa's B, A and Pro badges, ... [More]