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Cristiano Ronaldo is not a bottler, but not a true leader either

28 Jun 2012
by Joe McPhee
“And Ronaldo didn’t even get the chance to take one,” Jonathan Pearce exclaimed, as Cesc Fabregas wheeled away in delight after... [More]

To move or not: Would the grass be greener for Robin Van Persie?

01 May 2012
by Joe McPhee
Having been substituted with ten minutes remaining against Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas looked on from the dugout as his dream of winning the Champions... [More]

Didier Drogba: Powerful Goalscorer or an Embarrassing Cheat?

20 Apr 2012
by Joe McPhee
At Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night, Didier Drogba proved his worth to Chelsea yet again, in spite of his 34 years. Latching on to a cross from... [More]