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About the Author : I am a 31 year old LFC fan with a passion for football.I live with my wife in Berlin Germany & have been writing for 6 months. I have had work published online & hope to write for a living in future.

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Articles by this Author

Premier League Season Preview

17 Aug 2013
by Neil Patterson
With the Premier League to kick off tomorrow, It's All in the Game has a bash at some customary predictions. [More]

Mancini Loses his Head at the Etihad

16 May 2013
by Neil Patterson
Many believe that the sacking of Roberto Mancini was harsh. I believe it was not only fair, but inevitable. Here's why. [More]

Can the Toon Go Doon?

16 Jan 2013
by Neil Patterson
Fifth last season but Newcastle are dropping like a stone this. Pardew looks out of ideas and top players want away. So, can the Toon go Doon? [More]

Slipping Stoke Starting to Scare Supporters

09 Nov 2012
by Neil Patterson
Stoke are in an appalling slump. Does Pulis have the answers or will they keep slipping all the way to the Championship? [More]

T-Shirt Protest Should Provide Wake Up Call For The FA & Friends

24 Oct 2012
by Neil Patterson
Racism, a thing of the past? No and it's unlikely it ever will be. Governing bodies must pay a lot more than lip service to tackle this problem! [More]

The Great Diving Debate

12 Oct 2012
by Neil Patterson
Diving is once again at the top of the Premier League Hit Parade. Is it a real problem or a smokescreen used to deflect us from the real issues? [More]

All is Not Well with "The Best League in the World"

11 Oct 2012
by Neil Patterson
The laws of the game are being applied subjectively.It is a worrying trend and a growing problem which must be sorted immediately! [More]

The Opening Fixtures & What They Told Us

24 Aug 2012
by Neil Patterson
It's too soon to draw any major conclusions as to how the league will end up, however, there are things to learn from the opening week of the EPL [More]

BPL Preview: Relegation, Surprise Package and Predictions

20 Aug 2012
by Neil Patterson
In the 2nd part of my 2012/13 Premier League Preview I examine the likely relegation candidates and make my predictions for the upcoming season [More]

Barclays Premier League 2012-13 Preview Part 1: The Top Six

19 Aug 2012
by Neil Patterson
With the new season just days away I preview the forthcoming campaign. In Part 1 I have a look at the likely candidates for the top six. [More]

The Contract Rebels

12 Aug 2012
by Neil Patterson
Most transfers run smoothly but some become lengthy, bitter, sagas. I have a look at three of the longest running sagas of this year's window [More]

The Andy Carroll Quandary

19 Jul 2012
by Neil Patterson
An examination of Andy Carroll's move to LFC, the conditions of his first full season at Anfield and what Rodgers may do with him now. [More]

Three Lessons We Learnt From Euro 2012

11 Jul 2012
by Neil Patterson
Euro 2012 is over. The best team won, but what did we learn? I look at three important lessons that this Summer's tournament taught us. [More]

There Can Be Only One Super Mario!

01 Jul 2012
by Neil Patterson
Mario Balotelli's struggle. How & why he has earned the right at Euro 2012 to be thought of as the real Super Mario [More]

Euro 2012: Last Four Standing!

27 Jun 2012
by Neil Patterson
Only four teams remain. How have they gotten this far. Which are best equipped to make the final? [More]

Euro 2012: Taking a Breather

21 Jun 2012
by Neil Patterson
The first day of rest in two weeks of fantastic action, time to take a breather and take stock of the action so far. [More]

Shocks in Store at Euro 2012 Quarter Finals

21 Jun 2012
by Neil Patterson
It's quarter-final time, where the real fireworks begin. We've already had some shocks and there could be some more in store in the last eight! [More]

Rueful Russians, Desperate Dutch, Irate Italians

18 Jun 2012
by Neil Patterson
Day eleven of Euro 2012 and only ten teams remain. Along with Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Poland, some names that many would have expected to fa... [More]

Euro 2012: It's Heating Up

17 Jun 2012
by Neil Patterson
As Euro 2012 hits the business end, we look at the tournament so far, on and off the pitch, and what might be in store! [More]

Transfer Activity & Rumours From The Premier League

17 Jun 2012
by Neil Patterson
All eyes are on Poland and Ukraine but ther's plenty going on in the Barclays Premier League [More]