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About the Author : Media technician and freelance filmmaker/writer from the fine city of Norwich. The new Alan Partridge.

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Thoughts on the new Norwich boss, Chris Hughton.

09 Jun 2012
by Nick Sellers
The last two weeks haven`t been easy for many of us to digest. I`ll spare you the repeated history lesson about the last three years of the Lambe... [More]

Woy for England? The pros and cons.

29 Apr 2012
by Nick Sellers
Thoughts on Hodgson, Redknapp and the England managerial vacancy about to be filled. [More]

A Lesson In Perseverance

27 Apr 2012
by Nick Sellers
How Chelsea and Bayern Munich squashed pre-match predictions. [More]

Why I'm tipping Fergie for a lucky 13th.

08 Feb 2012
by Nick Sellers
Manchester City finds themselves top of the league at the time of writing, but here's why I'm confident it's United who'll go the distance. [More]

A Ruddy horrible time for Torres- Norwich 0-0 Chelsea

22 Jan 2012
by Nick Sellers
Norwich hold off a struggling Chelsea side thanks to Torres' lack of form and John Ruddy's top goalkeeping. Where do Chelsea go from here? [More]