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About the Author : I am an English teacher and football/travel writer or blogger or journalist or gobshite depending on your opinion. I plan to write match reports, player profiles, articles and stories.

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The Ecuadorian match experience: The Casa Blanca

28 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
La Casa Blanca or Estadio de Liga Deportiva Universitaria has been the home to LDU Quito (Liga) since 1997. With an official capacity of 55,104. [More]

England play like Scotland against Italy

26 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
Although they matched up defensively with some last ditch tackling and solid blocks England failed to create and adequately threaten Italy [More]

Ronaldo can go one better than Messi.

23 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
For many it is unfair to contrast and compare the two as both are excellent footballers with differing abilities and skillsets. [More]

Who Cares About The Director Interview

19 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
How do we know all these names when 20 years ago they were largely anonymous? Can you remember the Director of Liverpool in 1988? [More]

Does England expect too much?

19 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
In typical measures of overconfidence and hubris the assorted English media are already pondering whether Italy or Spain will be better opponents... [More]

Deportivo Quito turn off the Lightbulbs.

19 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
Gone were the masses of yellow and instead was the blue and red of Deportivo Quito [More]

Ecuador get back on track in World Cup qualifiers

16 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
Ecuador reinvigorated their World Cup qualifying campaign with a deserved victory against a poor Colombian team on Sunday afternoon. [More]

The Conundrum That Is Giovanni Dos Santos

05 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
Yesterday, in a friendly game against Brazil Giovanni Dos Santos once again showed why he can be such a mercurial and frustrating footballer. The... [More]

Messi rules in the Monumental.

04 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
It’s a common held belief in Buenos Aires that Lionel Messi is more Catalan than Argentine and he doesn’t play with the belief and pa... [More]

More than a Fro - Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama

02 Jun 2012
by Ali Mclauchlan
With 111 games (11 goals) he became Colombia’s most capped and greatest ever player [More]