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About the Author : Sport Marketing graduate with a huge passion for football. Hopefully give you some insight into the world of football marketing.

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Twice in a Lifetime

21 Jul 2012
by Chris Samson
Manchester United versus New York Cosmos, August 5th 2011 in the Paul Scholes testimonial. A match that, in my eyes, looks like it was set up pur... [More]

What a Load of Balls

28 Apr 2012
by Chris Samson
If there was ever any evidence that companies can take any aspect of football and attempt to make it exciting and sell the hell out of it... [More]

Manchester United and Twitter

12 Apr 2012
by Chris Samson
23.3million people like Manchester United on Facebook. I’m one of them. In the last year or so though, the popularity of Twitter in my opin... [More]