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About the Author : Hello, Im Michael and I run Football Is Not War. I mostly write match analysis and general pieces but at times write on the link between football and socio-political themes.

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Articles by this Author

Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool: Match Analysis

07 May 2012
by Michael Devine
Chelsea demonstrate how to control a match without dominating possession. [More]

Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea: Match Analysis

27 Apr 2012
by Michael Devine
Barca had no plan B and showed signs that their tiki-taka style might need tweaking in order to stay ahead of the competition. [More]

Bayern Munich 2-1 Real Madrid: Match Analysis

21 Apr 2012
by Michael Devine
Bayern's winner and Real's away goal came from precisely the type of situations the two sides were trying to engineer. [More]

The maverick called Giorgio Chinaglia

08 Apr 2012
by Michael Devine
Giorgio Chinaglia passed away at the start of this month. The Lazio and New York Cosmos legend was a maverick in every sense. This is his story. [More]

Barcelona 2-0 Athletic Bilbao

01 Apr 2012
by Michael Devine
Barcelona ended up winning easily in this confrontation between two sides with similar philosophies. [More]