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About the Author : Gillingham fan. Love international tournaments. This is my game by game account of Euro2012 - with a different writing style for each game! Might work..might not..but Ill give it a try!

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Spain v Italy - The Final Statement

04 Jul 2012
by Simon Day
For the sake of their legacy, Spain needed this.  Any kind of win would have given them their third consecutive major title, but i... [More]

Germany v Italy - Mario v Mario

01 Jul 2012
by Simon Day
This is going to be more interesting than anticipated. Comparing the performances of 2 of the strikers on show in the Germany-Italy Semi final - ... [More]

Spain 0-0 Portugal - Player Ratings

28 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
It's fair to say that my pre match excitement levels for this game weren't met by the entertainment on show.  That's not to say that I didn'... [More]

England v Italy - Twitter Watch!

26 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
Contrary to what Mark “Lawro” Lawrenson thinks, Twitter is a great invention and a lot of good comes out of it. There’s a fair ... [More]

Euro Quarter Finals - Referees and Crowd Watching

25 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
Greece v Germany Easy task today, I just had to look at the crowd during the Germany Greece game!  Simple.  Luckily for me, the TV dire... [More]

Czech Republic 0-1 Portugal: All About One Man

22 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
The purpose of today's match report is to focus on an individual player's performance during a game.  Whilst there was a temptation to just ... [More]

Ten Highlights from the Group Stage of Euro 2012

21 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
There are no Euro 2012 matches today, so it's the ideal time to look back at the Group stage and pick out some memorable players and moments. &nb... [More]

10 Reasons for England to Worry

20 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
Mission accomplished!  England have met the nation's pre Euro expectations and reached the knockout phase of the competition.  Any furt... [More]

Italy v Ireland - 10 Reasons to be Cheerful

19 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
  Nobody expected Ireland to win Euro 2012, very few people expected them to progress from Group C, but  to come away with 0 points and... [More]

Euro 2012 Update - Rain, Teletext And The Poles Depart

18 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
France v Ukraine - A tribute to TeletextFor some reason, the first thing my dad does upon returning home from a Gills match, is to put on the TV ... [More]

Euro 2012 Day 7 - Home and Away

15 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
For the first time in this competition I'm going to have to change my plan.  Plan A was to write a biased report of the Italy v Croatia game... [More]

Day 6 - Lots of Tweets and Lawro Loses the Plot!

14 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
Portugal v Denmark Another simple method.  Regular updates of the game  but only 140 characters allowed per update.  I occasi... [More]

Day 5 - Wasting Money and 90 Words on Poland-Russia

13 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
  Greece v Czech Rep The rules are simple.  I've put £10 in my online betting account and during the game I will placing a number... [More]

Encouraging Start for England

12 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
2 years ago, England opened their World Cup campaign with a fairly insipid 1-1 draw with the USA.  That game was riddled with poor passing, ... [More]

Ukraine v Sweden - As it Happened

12 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
Pre Match  England and the French both looked OK, but if one of these teams can produce a big performance it could throw the group wide open... [More]

Ireland 1-3 Croatia - A Robbery in Poznan

11 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
(Please Note that the below views of the author are not necessarily the views of the author!  This is a tongue in cheek report of the Eire-C... [More]

Spain 1-1 Italy As It Happened

10 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
Pre Match:  This should be a classic, the last 2 World Cup winners head to head and the winners will have one foot in the quarter final... [More]

Day 2 - A Haiku and Mario Gomez

10 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
  Holland v Denmark in Haiku (For those of you who don't know - A Haiku is a 17 syllable poem, consisting of 3 lines. The lines ha... [More]

Euro 2012 Day One: Red Cards and Arshavin "In The Mood"

09 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
Poland v Greece - Before, During and After Before:   Wallchart up? Check.  Wallpaper on laptop? Check.  App downloaded?  Chec... [More]

31 Ways for 31 Games

07 Jun 2012
by Simon Day
This seemed like a good idea at the time.  Now, with just over 48 hours to go until Euro 2012 commences, I realise I've set myself a very di... [More]