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Serie A Tranfer Update

13 Aug 2013
by Gautam Sharma
Latest Updates: Wallace to Inter, Rolando to Inter, Gervinho joins Roma for 8m, Silvestre joins Milan, Reina to Napoli, Higuain to Napoli for 37m [More]

Internazionale Spiral Into the FFP Trap

04 Jun 2013
by Gautam Sharma
Here is a prelim analysis of Inter's estimated financials in the last 2 years, and how Inter are doing vis-a-vis UEFA's FFP criteria. [More]

Lost In Translation - The Story Of Inter's Youth Academy

31 Dec 2012
by Gautam Sharma
The much talked about "Year Zero" revolution is slowly turning into "Year Minus One", as increasing expectations allow old habits to re-surface. [More]

Exciting Winter Transfer Market For Inter Milan

28 Dec 2012
by Gautam Sharma
Its Calcio Mercato time, and we take a look at all the players being linked with the Nerazzurri. [More]

Greatest Goal Ever? Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Top 5 Goals

17 Nov 2012
by Gautam Sharma
Did Ibrahimovic just score the greatest goal of all time in the recent game against England? Or was it even The Zlatan's best goal ever? [More]

Derby Double: El Classico & The Milan Derby Preview

14 Oct 2012
by Gautam Sharma
A preview and live discussion of two legendary games today - Barcelona host Real Madrid followed by Milan hosting Inter. [More]

Unique Analysis Of Who Is Going To Win Euro 2012

04 Jun 2012
by Gautam Sharma
Euro 2012 is arguably the toughest International tournament to win, with the highest average FIFA ranking of all International tournaments. 16 of... [More]

Top 20 Highest Paid Players And Managers

05 May 2012
by Gautam Sharma
Evolution of Money in Football - A look at the rising wages of players & managers in football compared to other sports, & how things have changed [More]

The Thrilling Race to Europe

27 Apr 2012
by Gautam Sharma
While Milan chase Juventus for the Scudetto, the public eye is distracted by a more exciting battle currently underway in Serie A. It’s the... [More]

Inter's Transfer Strategy This Summer Needs To Focus On Youth

23 Apr 2012
by Gautam Sharma
It may be too early to talk about transfers. But since Inter don't have much to play for, perhaps we should start making plans for the next year.... [More]

Top 10 Transfers this Winter

02 Feb 2012
by Gautam Sharma
The very best of transfers during this quiet winter from Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. [More]

Hilarious Football Videos

04 Nov 2011
by Gautam Sharma
A compilation of some of the most amusing football videos [More]

Calciomercato - Serie A transfer update

29 Aug 2011
by Gautam Sharma
Your Transfer Tracker on the INs & OUTs from top ten Serie A clubs, and key deadline day rumours... updated every few hours! [More]

Exciting possibilities for the Champions League Draw today!

25 Aug 2011
by Gautam Sharma
A discussion of the most exciting CL Draw in recent times, which clubs to avoid, and live discussion of the groups as they unfold... [More]

The final piece in Milan's jigsaw

24 Aug 2011
by Gautam Sharma
Over the last 12 months, Milan have been building a team which can bring back the glory days... and with Mister X, the final piece falls in place [More]

3-4-3 leaves Inter GASPing!

06 Aug 2011
by Gautam Sharma
A detailed tactical analysis of Gasperini’s Inter, various concerns on the current strategy, and what could be the only way forward... [More]

Oriundi Reloaded!

01 Aug 2011
by Gautam Sharma
The great national debate in football... should foreign players of Italian origin who have immigrated back be considered for the Azzurri? [More]

Fantasisitis, an Italian Disease....

24 Jul 2011
by Gautam Sharma
  There was a time when the Fantasista was the most celebrated player in Italian football... the protagonists, these were the real Gods in I... [More]

UEFA Coefficients Explained - How exactly do they work?

21 Jul 2011
by Gautam Sharma
How long will it take Italy to reclaim their position among the top 3 leagues in Europe? And will Germany overtake Spain in the UEFA Rankings? [More]

Doing a “Barcelona”, without risking an “Arsenal”

13 Jul 2011
by Gautam Sharma
Marco Branca’s new transfer blueprint for the Nerazzurri in this changing UEFA FFP climate is to focus on youth... but will that be his Waterloo? [More]