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Depression in Football

12 Jul 2013
by Robbie Graham
After the recent BBC documentary about the issue of depression & mental health in football, and the viewing of some of the ridiculous comment... [More]

Supporting Your Team Through Thick & Thin

19 Feb 2013
by Robbie Graham
In the light of Arsenal’s recent loss to Blackburn in the FA Cup, calls for Arsene Wenger’s sacking/resignation have grown significan... [More]

An Incurable Disease

15 Feb 2013
by Robbie Graham
A lot has been talked about diving recently. No more so than this season. It seems diving (or ‘simulation’ if you want to be safe) is... [More]

Greedy for Success

08 Feb 2013
by Robbie Graham
With all the transfer gossip flying out of the mouths of ‘ITK’ Tweeters, journalists & the imagination of the press recently, tel... [More]