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Is a new act set to star in Venky’s Ewood Park circus?

28 Jun 2012
by Andrew Howells
Will Blackburn's appointment of an Asian football pundit please fans, or is it another move to just protect their brand in India... [More]

A Welshman’s view on why England could go all the way

12 Jun 2012
by Andrew Howells
Why I think the FA's move for Hodgson has taken the weight of expectation off England player's shoulders, leaving them free to go all the way... [More]

“Your club needs you”, says Blackburn Rovers legend Simon Garner

07 Jun 2012
by Andrew Howells
Simon Garner expresses his opinions on Venkys, Kean and BRSIT’s attempts to buy the club back in an exclusive interview with Andrew Howells... [More]

The curious case of Venky’s

02 Jun 2012
by Andrew Howells
Are Blackburn Rovers owners, Venky’s, astute Indian business people or self confessed ‘confused’ cowboys? [More]

Where’s the FA as Rovers are being robbed and relegated?

11 May 2012
by Andrew Howells
With football agent Jerome Anderson exerting such power, influence and control over a football club - where are the FA? [More]

Steve Kean: Fully Aware Or Willfully Blind?

04 May 2012
by Andrew Howells
Media mogul Rupert Murdock was this week found by a government committee to be, ‘either fully informed about the phone hacking scandal or ... [More]

3 reasons why Guardiola should take sabbatical at Old Trafford

02 May 2012
by Andrew Howells
Andrew Howells examines the reasons why Pep should spend his sabbatical season under the strong stewardship of the sublime, Sir Fergie. [More]

Why the 20th season of the Premier League will end in irony

24 Apr 2012
by Andrew Howells
Why the Premier League’s 20th season will end in more irony than an Alanis Morissette song [More]

Blackburn wants its Rovers back

20 Apr 2012
by Andrew Howells
Blackburn wants its Rovers back, but are their owners, Venky's, set on destroying the club? [More]

Why ‘feed the Yak’ if you can’t defend at the back?

16 Apr 2012
by Andrew Howells
The fight for Premier League survival is looking tighter than Mancini’s scarf in winter and it could potentially all come down to goal difference [More]

Is Ashley orchestrating a winning Toon?

07 Apr 2012
by Andrew Howells
Is it time we all recognised the fantastic work Ashley has done in Toon town? [More]

Preview: The Relegation Dog Fight

31 Mar 2012
by Andrew Howells
If Bolton win away at Wolves on the weekend, they will surely resign Terry Connor's team to what is fast looking like a Championship fate. [More]

Can Moyles’ boys leave Liverpool with sweet FA?

29 Mar 2012
by Andrew Howells
In his tenth year in charge at Everton, could David Moyles lead Everton to FA Cup glory - knocking out their Merseyside rivals along the way - an... [More]

Heat’s on as Spark ignites survival scrap

25 Mar 2012
by Andrew Howells
Let us turn our attentions to the scintillating scrap for survival that’s a foot in the League’s basement. [More]

Will the kids grow up to be just like Terry?

23 Mar 2012
by Andrew Howells
I see a future full of cheating, racist, thieves. The age of JT may be just around the corner! [More]