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About the Author : Keith Scarlett is an American-born soccer (football) coach who is now coaching as a Professional Assistant Womens Football Coach with Perth Glory FC in Australia.

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Articles by this Author

Better Than Smart

14 Jan 2014
by Keith Scarlett
The Football IQ a player is born with is crucial in shaping the arc of their career—but so are other mental capacities that they can sharpen. [More]

The Game is The Best Teacher…blah, blah, blah, blah

28 Oct 2013
by Keith Scarlett
...If the “game is the best teacher,” then all I have to do is play 3,000 rounds of golf and I would be nearly as good as Tiger Woods. [More]

Team Meetings - Where Real Football Change Happens

08 Sep 2013
by Keith Scarlett
That’s right; what if your players could exercise and lose weight without moving a muscle? [More]

How US Soccer is Like a Crack Addict’s Brain!

01 Aug 2013
by Keith Scarlett
Interestingly enough, regardless of what our football ‘leaders’ try to do, more often than; it turns out the opposite is true. [More]

Controlling Time Is the Magical Skill of Master Coaches!

05 Jul 2013
by Keith Scarlett
Complacency and stubbornness are the top two causes of preventable losses in the game of football. [More]

Efficiency: The Perilous Price We Pay!

01 Jun 2013
by Keith Scarlett
It’s as if we’re deep-sea divers who all-of-a-sudden see an interesting wreck or coral formation just beyond the maximum limit of our dive tables [More]

Messi Isn’t Really THAT Good; He’s Just Really Lucky - Right?

01 May 2013
by Keith Scarlett
There’s no question that when pressure is intense, skilled performers are able to tap abilities that are otherwise kept in reserve. [More]

Coach Prep: Got Something Else to Do? Don’t Procrastinate!

08 Apr 2013
by Keith Scarlett
Preparation can make or break you as a coach. It’s as simple as that and there is no way around it! [More]

Of Course We Keep Going in Circles

15 Mar 2013
by Keith Scarlett
In other words, our entire American football culture has been built on delusion and fueled by insanity! [More]

How to Identify Great Players

18 Feb 2013
by Keith Scarlett
The ability of coaches to properly identify ‘great players’ is considered either a “widespread” strength or an “epidemic” of weakness... [More]

Are You Hungry? Here’s a Recipe for Scoring Some Goals!

31 Jan 2013
by Keith Scarlett
"The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the emeny tires, we attack; the emeny retreats, we pursue." - Chairman Mao [More]

How to Prevent or Hold Off the Growing Threat of Complacenc​y

21 Dec 2012
by Keith Scarlett
You Must be Willing to Wake Up Every day and Fight Your Player’s Instinct to be Complacent [More]

Compass: Are we lost or do we just need to find our way?

26 Nov 2012
by Keith Scarlett
We MUST have programs for and get as many kids as possible introduced to the game as early as we can. [More]

Football needs the Active Couch Potato

17 Nov 2012
by Keith Scarlett
The more a professional sport’s league can get their fans to ‘sit,’ the more successful they will become. [More]

Picasso & Rembrandt: two of the greatest finishers of all time?

03 Nov 2012
by Keith Scarlett
“Shooting” is a specialist skill which requires specialist coaching and specialized training in order to yield proper results. [More]

Coaches: Are you a victim of your own success?

14 Oct 2012
by Keith Scarlett
Is winning a game of football more important than a child's happiness? [More]

The Side Effects of Football’s Current Niche

04 Oct 2012
by Keith Scarlett
“Never take a medication that has more side effects than you have symptoms.” [More]