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Favourite Club : West Ham United
About the Author : I am a long suffering West Ham United fan with quiet optimism for the first time in a while. Bias is not my game though and I have great respect for all clubs...well maybe not Millwall!

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Articles by this Author

Qatar Chaos puts FIFA back underfire

14 Sep 2013
by Alex Storey
We've all made bad decisions and we've all tried to make the best of the situation we've left ourselves in. [More]

Can Anyone Stop Chelsea?

23 Oct 2012
by Alex Storey
Have RDM's Blues got what it takes to go all the way this year? [More]

Why now is the time to put a stop to Simulation

10 Oct 2012
by Alex Storey
After this weekend's events, now is the time to make a stand against diving in England. [More]

Have West Ham fans finally taken to Big Sam?

02 Oct 2012
by Alex Storey
After over a year in charge have West Ham fans finally begun to see the charms of Sam Allardyce? [More]