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The Five Worst MLS Home & Away Kits of 2013

03 Apr 2013
by Darryl Fraser
So how many of you actually follow Major League Soccer religiously?  Thought so.  Well like all leagues around the world teams generate... [More]

The Five Best Championship Home/Away Kits of 2012/13

28 Mar 2013
by Darryl Fraser
Four more teams are in the English Championship than the Premier League, gives me even more selection to choose the best home and away kits of 20... [More]

Top 5 Scottish Premier League Kits of 2012/13

20 Mar 2013
by Darryl Fraser
  With the Scottish Premier League only having 12 teams it is difficult to go with a top five best/worst in both the home and away category... [More]

Top 5 Best & Worst Premier League Away Kits of 2012/13

13 Mar 2013
by Darryl Fraser
Creating a home kit is very easy.  Teams have staple colours that they have worn since their existence (Red - Liverpool, Manchester United, ... [More]

The Five Best & Worst Premier League Home Kits of the Season

07 Mar 2013
by Darryl Fraser
I do enjoy my soccer kits.  I am a Liverpool fan and have a large collection over the years but also have kits from other teams that I think... [More]

Woe is Me

20 Oct 2012
by Darryl Fraser
One might think it is difficult being an England football fan.  With no major trophies since 1966, a couple of sniffs at finals and countl... [More]

A Farewell to Umbro - The Top England Shirts

08 Oct 2012
by Darryl Fraser
  With England set for two more World Cup qualifiers this week, pay attention to a familiar name on the pitch, one that's time is limited.&... [More]

How a Salary Cap could hurt English Football

24 Sep 2012
by Darryl Fraser
Not making enough money?  Want players to stop making more than you?  Want to stop paying ridiculous weekly wages?  Just push fo... [More]

My First Time

14 Sep 2012
by Darryl Fraser
You always remember your first time. I was not a little boy, I was a 26 year old Canadian going to his first Premier League game.  I had... [More]

5 Premier Predictions for 2012/13

13 Aug 2012
by Darryl Fraser
So a new season is almost upon us.  Players have had their vacations (Dutch ones seem to start at the beginning of the Euros), teams have ... [More]

Taking the Video Reigns

31 May 2012
by Darryl Fraser
Taking the lead in such a controversial subject such as video replay in football is probably a position that The FA is not likely to take, but ... [More]

MVPs of this Premier League Season

17 May 2012
by Darryl Fraser
This list might very well create some controversy (hopefully positive) and that is fine.  Choosing this list is much like choosing who Eng... [More]

Why the FA Cup will define Liverpool's future

04 May 2012
by Darryl Fraser
Ho Hum, another home game another poor showing at Anfield. It seems as though that can be written every week after a Liverpool home game, and t... [More]

Playing for Premiership Survival

29 Apr 2012
by Darryl Fraser
After Wolves were related against Manchester City it would be easy for the team to just fold and give in the rest of their games this season.&n... [More]

Pundits Cannot Predict

25 Apr 2012
by Darryl Fraser
My title may come across as harsh, but I will say from the start that the majority of English football writers/pundits do a good job. I enjoy re... [More]

Why Moneyball does not work in football

05 Apr 2012
by Darryl Fraser
So Liverpool's awkward season continues to progress.  Mid-table Premier League and a Carling Cup (with potential FA Cup on the way) I doubt... [More]

Which way should I walk, alone?

16 Mar 2012
by Darryl Fraser
I am so confused.  Being a Liverpool fan this does seem to be trend of the season. I was so excited at the start of this Premier League sea... [More]

Premier League's Top Five MVP's.

27 Feb 2012
by Darryl Fraser
Let me first start this off by saying that there is a difference between the most valuable player on a Premier League club and the best player.... [More]

Is Twitter ruining a good debate?

05 Feb 2012
by Darryl Fraser
Ever had a good discussion over a pint while discussing tactics of a football match? Ever had a good tweet over a pint while discussing tact... [More]

Is recycling in the EPL good for England?

31 Jan 2012
by Darryl Fraser
Ever notice a familiar trend in the Premier League with the firing and hiring of managers?  Once a manger is fired then the same list of m... [More]