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Favourite Club : Liverpool Football Club
About the Author : Born and bred in Liverpool and taught from an early age the ways of Liverpool Football Club.

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Why the FA's rules need to be straightened out

18 Dec 2012
by Sean Wise
This blog is based around the actions of an Everton player, something that will surprise many, but brings into question an opinion of mine that i... [More]

Why Carroll deserves one more chance

16 Jul 2012
by Sean Wise
Since the Transfer Window has been open and Brendan Rogers has been in charge the bubbling rumours that Carroll is not wanted at Liverpool have b... [More]

Liverpool's Top 20 Premiership Players

16 Jul 2012
by Sean Wise
The end of this season marked the 20 year anniversary of the Premier League in England and therefore marked 20 years for Liverpool in this league... [More]

Faith & Time could be match made in heaven for Brendan

05 Jun 2012
by Sean Wise
I've took my time to write about the Liverpool manager situation because I believe the way that a replacement for the king was played out in the ... [More]

Drogba is irreplaceable

26 May 2012
by Sean Wise
Going away from my usual topic that is the glorious Liverpool (best team in the world by the way) I am today going to write about someone who, si... [More]

Always a legend, always the King

19 May 2012
by Sean Wise
On the 8th January 2011 Kenny Dalglish was appointed caretaker manager of Liverpool football club by Fenway Sports Group who had recently purchas... [More]

The Dalglish Dilemma

10 May 2012
by Sean Wise
Recently I wrote a blog about how if Liverpool where to change manager I would not like it to be passed onto Rafa Benitez. However I now believe ... [More]

Rafa is Not the Answer for Liverpool

26 Apr 2012
by Sean Wise
Over recent months there has been many claims that Kenny is not the right man for the club as manager. This is a belief that long term I agree wi... [More]