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About the Author : Ive recently started blogging with my good friend Matt and together we try to provide fun and engaging articles about football and all its vices. Please check out our blog: www.lookawaynow.co.uk

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Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur?

21 Jan 2012
by Ed Kneafsey
There have been times when Tottenham Hotspur’s trajectory has been similar to that of the BBC’s bloated malcontent Alan Partridge; st... [More]

King Kenny’s Mirage

20 Sep 2011
by Ed Kneafsey
  The heat of hyperbole after the desert of recent failings created a mirage affect around Anfield this summer that seemed to suggest that... [More]

Hit The Road Jack!

26 Jun 2011
by Ed Kneafsey
Just how many brown envelopes has Jack Warner managed to spirit away over the years? Perhaps his greatest trick has been to evaporate from world ... [More]