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About the Author : Im more of a follower than a supporter of Man U, My first love is Sligo Rovers future LOI champions.

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Irelands football Olympic dream

28 Feb 2012
by Gary Guilfoyle
Three years ago the Ireland Under-21 squad began the qualification process for this summer’s Olympic Games. [More]

Why McClean needs to win the Ballon d'Or.

22 Feb 2012
by Gary Guilfoyle
Perhaps that is the only way James McClean may get to go to the Euros this summer. Giovanni Trapattoni’s drastic turnaround in calling up J... [More]

How can Trap vindicate McClean’s exclusion?

18 Feb 2012
by Gary Guilfoyle
Can leaving the likes of James McClean, Anthony Pilkington and to a lesser extent Marc Tierney at home, in favour of bringing Darren O’Dea,... [More]

Who could slip through Trap's trap?

08 Feb 2012
by Gary Guilfoyle
Giovanni Trapattoni’s announcement on the 29th February, of the Ireland squad to partake in this summer’s European championship, will... [More]

Liverpool reborn with the coming of a King

13 Sep 2011
by Gary Guilfoyle
With the arrival of Kenny Dalglish last January, Liverpool FC has begun to show signs of recovery after a number of years in turmoil. The Gillett... [More]