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About the Author : I am 14. I love football, especially Serie A.

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Derby Dissection: Diavolo Difficulties

18 Jan 2012
by Jack Barganier
The Milan derby made clear many problems for the Rossoneri, which must be addressed soon if they want to be competive in Serie A and the UCL. [More]

Forget Tevez, Milan have more important gaps to fill

11 Dec 2011
by Jack Barganier
Carlos Tevez to Milan seems like it would be a great signing for the Rossoneri. But do Milan really need him? [More]

Barcelona vs Milan: Analysis of winning strategies

22 Nov 2011
by Jack Barganier
The battle for the top spot in Group H is sure to be a cracker. I analyze what could be the winning strategy of each team in this clash of titans [More]

Thinking Ahead in Milan

24 Oct 2011
by Jack Barganier
In part one of this article, I discuss some possible replacements for Ibrahimovic at AC Milan. [More]

Why hasn't "soccer" caught on in the US?

11 Oct 2011
by Jack Barganier
Football is the world's biggest sport, played & loved everywhere. Yet, I wonder why in the USA it hasn't quite caught the attention... [More]

Allegri Overrated?

04 Oct 2011
by Jack Barganier
Was his rise to the top with Milan last year just good luck? After Milan-Juve I have begun to question his judgement. [More]

Time to do something about money in football?

01 Oct 2011
by Jack Barganier
With so many problems in football, perhaps its time we consider new solutions to old problems... [More]

Milan, Napoli, Juve, Inter... Serie A title race excitement

19 Sep 2011
by Jack Barganier
Another exciting round in Serie A this weekend shows us that the Scudetto is up for grabs this campaign with a number of serious contenders... [More]

Milan Wins 2-2

14 Sep 2011
by Jack Barganier
Why I love Milan... and why it feels like a win! [More]

What We CanTake from Milan's Serie A Opener

12 Sep 2011
by Jack Barganier
It's safe to say that Lazio were the better side in the first twenty minutes, and probably for most of the first half of Friday's Serie A opener.... [More]

Milan's Transfer Market: European Competitors?

08 Sep 2011
by Jack Barganier
Reinforcements were brought in this summer and CEO Galliani has stated that the squad is 'complete', but can they compete with Europe's elite? [More]