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The End of Relegation?

18 Oct 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
Foreign investment is slowly killing our beautiful game. Yesterday there was a report on the good ol’ BBC (which you can read here) that me... [More]

Arsenal are drowning in oil money

09 Oct 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
Manchester City have thrown an incredible amount of money around in the last couple of years. Even when Thaksin Shinawatra was at the helm of the... [More]

An excruciatingly predictable weekend of football

04 Oct 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
  What an exciting weekend of Premiership games. Though not too many surprises.  This Saturday I was at a proper football match, watchi... [More]

Carlos Tevez: I’m a spoilt footballer, get me out of Manchester

29 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
  ‘Carlos, we need you. We’re two goals down to a quality Bayern Munich team. Get on there and bag us a goal or two. Help us res... [More]

The vultures are circling the Emirates

25 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
  It’s time to make a decision at Arsenal - the club needs to decide which way it wants to go. With financial fair play looming on the... [More]

Man Utd: Glory on the pitch. Shame in the stands.

22 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
Manchester United fans are starting to get a bad reputation.  Not only do the rest of us have to listen to them being insufferably smug beca... [More]

Two wins, a four place drop and the striker England forgot

21 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
Engerland just got demoted by those statistical boffins at FIFA to the 8th best team in the world. The shock. The horror. Presumably our national... [More]

What the hell happened to the beautiful game?

20 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
Football is broken. It’s turning into a joke. I for one am starting to get disillusioned with the sport because it has become so detached f... [More]

Blackburn 4 - 3 Arsenal : When is a penalty not a penalty?

17 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
  In the debacle that I just witnessed, poor old Arsenal were robbed. If that injury-time ‘tackle’ by Robinson on Walcott had ha... [More]

Michel Platini Behind Bars!

15 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
The president of Swiss club FC Sion, gob-shite Christian Constantin, wants to throw Michel Platini into jail. That’s just about the funnies... [More]

An Interesting Week In The Premier League

12 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
Well, that’s week four of this seasons Premier League put to bed, and what an interesting week it was. Here is my round-up...   Arsena... [More]

Fabio's Penny Finally Drops

10 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
Capello at last realised the painfully-bleeding-obvious, just before Engerlands excruciatingly predictable struggle to overcome the 117th best te... [More]

Gary Cook reveals his tender side

07 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
I love it when powerful people get caught with their pants down. The best bit is when they come up with fantastic excuses to try and get themselv... [More]