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About the Author : An avid Darlington fan, youll hear about life in the non league. Plus I quite like ranting about the game of football. I write for 4 other sites too.

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Fan ownership - an alternative model

18 Feb 2012
by Chris Sykes
With more clubs starting to struggle economically, Chris Sykes examines an alternative model for owning and running a football club [More]

Resurrection – The story of an incredible day for Darlington FC

19 Jan 2012
by Chris Sykes
Extraordinary. There is no other word for it. The club was dead, the life support machine turned off and people were starting to look for the wil... [More]

Why my club matters to me

30 Dec 2011
by Chris Sykes
For the third time in nine years, Darlington FC are on the brink of closure. Chris Sykes explains why the club he loves matters so much to him. [More]

Semi-pro football and me

26 Nov 2011
by Chris Sykes
Semi-pro football is a world away from the cash soaked Premier League. Chris Sykes explains why he loves semi-pro football so much... [More]

Where United have gone wrong

26 Oct 2011
by Chris Sykes
That Manchester City pummelled their fierce rivals Manchester United on October 23, 2011 is in no doubt. City’s breathless football was a j... [More]

Africa - Football's most exciting continent

16 Oct 2011
by Chris Sykes
Over the past week, the focus was on the final round of qualification for Euro 2012. Yet qualifying for European Championships and World Cups fro... [More]

World's worst owners - Chagaev's brutal reign at Neuchatel Xamax

16 Sep 2011
by Chris Sykes
Having sacked 5 managers in just 4 months, Bulat Chagaev's reign at Neuchatel Xamax is now one of the most notorious in the history of the game. [More]

Why Gyan’s loan move signals the end of his Sunderland career

11 Sep 2011
by Chris Sykes
Asamoah Gyan's loan move to the Middle East is not only odd, but perhaps a signal that his Sunderland career is coming to an end. [More]

World's worst owners - The madness of George Reynolds

08 Sep 2011
by Chris Sykes
Chris Sykes kicks off a series of articles examining football's worst owners, starting with the reign of former Darlington owner George Reynolds [More]

"But you've never been a professional footballer"

04 Sep 2011
by Chris Sykes
It was a late Monday and my attention was drawn to a late night football programme. Little did I know, I was about to be enraged... [More]