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Russia Humiliate Czech Republic in Euro Opener

09 Jun 2012
by Farjad Iftekhar
Euro 2008, Russia lost their first game 4-1, four years on they have dismantled Czech Republic in Euro 2012 opener with the same scoreline. The t... [More]

Wayne Rooney - the big stage International flop

10 Oct 2011
by Farjad Iftekhar
Wayne Rooney’s astonishing moment of stupidity ensures that Manchester United star is set to miss the start of Euro 2012 next year. It rema... [More]

Suarez to Kenny: Don’t sub me until the job is Done

26 Sep 2011
by Farjad Iftekhar
Suarez appeared highly frustrated by his removal when the game was not yet won at 2-1. [More]

Liverpool miss Aquilani and Meireles as Charlie Adam flops again

20 Sep 2011
by Farjad Iftekhar
Liverpool fall to an embarrassing 4-0 defeat at White Hart Lane. Their defensive woes continue however Liverpool did not have their preferred rig... [More]

Arsene To Blame for Arsenal Collapse

29 Aug 2011
by Farjad Iftekhar
Arsenal’s horrifying start to the season continues, a loss was always on the cards but to concede 8 goals for such a big club is a massive ... [More]