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Articles by this Author

FIFA's World Cup farce may do more than harm their reputation

08 Jul 2011
by Luke Stevenson
Football may pay the ultimate price for FIFA's greed and corruption with the 2018 and 2022 World Cups... [More]

Is Football losing its event appeal?

03 Jul 2011
by Luke Stevenson
Exciting it still may be, but enthralling? Euphoric? Do those words describe the beautiful game anymore? [More]

Have Liverpool inflated the prices of footballers in England?

29 Jun 2011
by Luke Stevenson
The implications on Dalglish's £55 million spending splurge may be a lot stronger than people think. [More]

The Not Squad: This Summers 10 Least Likely Transfers

27 Jun 2011
by Luke Stevenson
After wading through the sheer amount of transfer tittle-tattle, you soon begin to realise that a lot of it is improbable, hot air. [More]

Villas-Boas: Good or Bad decision?

27 Jun 2011
by Luke Stevenson
Despite a connection with Mourinho and a positive step in Abramovich's thinking. Villas-Boas may not be all good news for Chelsea. [More]

What next for the relegated three?

21 Jun 2011
by Luke Stevenson
It seems almost unkind that at the end of every Premier League season talk immediately shifts to the transfer policies of the big clubs, who can ... [More]