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Arsene Wenger's All Time XI

12 Apr 2012
by Gooner Verse
After reading a certain quote from Wenger this morning of “We had a team capable of winning everywhere” my mind began racing... [More]

Are Arsenal really set for a summer spending spree?

02 Apr 2012
by Gooner Verse
As we approach the tail end of the season with the mood in much higher spirits than many could have thought possible just four weeks ago... [More]

Arsene Wenger's 10 Worst Signings

05 Dec 2011
by Gooner Verse
Following the hugely successful Top Ten Wenger signings many fans (I assume of other teams) were quick to point out a number of his failures. So ... [More]

Arsene Wenger's 10 Best Signings

01 Dec 2011
by Gooner Verse
One of Arsene Wenger’s greatest talents has been to spot talent and get players with high potential and turn them into world class players... [More]

Fatigue or Complacency? That is the question for Arsenal

27 Nov 2011
by Gooner Verse
On a day where Arsenal’s competitors for fourth place gained the valuable three points they needed Arsenal fans were treated to a highly di... [More]

Racism, a distant memory or just well hidden?

10 Nov 2011
by Gooner Verse
For years there has been a conception in this country that Racism no longer plays any part in the English game. Gone are the days when black play... [More]

Arsenal FC Transfer Evaluation

05 Sep 2011
by Gooner Verse
At the end of the last season Arsenal fans were promised a “busy summer” by both the Manager and Chief Executive alike. So when, with a week to.. [More]

The Era of the Mercenary

01 Sep 2011
by Gooner Verse
Loyalty is a dying breed in modern day football. Whether it is the money, the mind set, locality or just natural progression of the game, [More]

Is a Director of Football really the answer to Arsenal's woes?

24 Aug 2011
by Gooner Verse
Can a manager be bigger than the club? In most cases the answer would be an absolutely, unquestionably and resounding YES. However... [More]