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Favourite Club : Chelsea (and Wealdstone)
About the Author : I was once quite good at 5-a-side. If I won the lottery I would invest in Wealdstone FC. Also editor of The Bung football blog.

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Why Don’t More English Players Play Abroad?

15 Sep 2011
by Ivan Rackham
There are very few successful English players who have played abroad. Why? Do they not want to? Or iIs it because they're not good enough? [More]

Apparently you can win things with kids. And I'm a bit jealous.

27 Aug 2011
by Ivan Rackham
Even as a Chelsea fan, I can’t help but look slightly enviously at the success of Manchester United’s academy and their youth structure. [More]

Should we commend players who say sorry? And do we really care?

21 Aug 2011
by Ivan Rackham
So Joey Barton has said sorry. Again. He has apologised for his over-reaction in last week’s game against Arsenal. So isn't that a good thing? [More]