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Favourite Club : Raith Rovers
About the Author : Match reporter for the Raith Rovers website. Realised some time ago that being a Raith and Scotland fan only leads to footballing misery

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Is King Kenny's Crown Slipping?

14 Dec 2011
by Shaughan McGuigan
No-one can seemingly make up their mind about Liverpool this season. Virtually every aspect of the club has been analysed and opined on over the ... [More]

Gary Neville, An Unlikely Face For A Revolution

02 Nov 2011
by Shaughan McGuigan
When Andy Gray and Richard Keys departed Sky under a dark cloud of sexism and boorishness a year ago this month it created far more questions tha... [More]

England expects, to play the blame game

05 Oct 2011
by Shaughan McGuigan
Diego Maradona , Graham Taylor and David Seaman all have something in common. It may not be immediately obvious, after all its an unlikely trio t... [More]

Haven't we met before? The repetition of the Champions League

25 Aug 2011
by Shaughan McGuigan
While watching Tuesday nights champion leagues play off matches you couldn't help but feel a whiff of nostalgia for the competition this behemoth... [More]

What If Arsene Is Right and Everyone Else Is Wrong?

19 Aug 2011
by Shaughan McGuigan
Anyone with even a passing interest in the English Premier League knows that Arsene Wenger is under pressure, it seems to be everywhere. It's on ... [More]