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Favourite Club : Barcelona
About the Author : Richie Ó hEadhra is originally from Galway in the Republic of Ireland but now resides in Wexford, home of Kevin Doyle. He plays soccer for Tombrack United as striker.

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Articles by this Author

The Future of Irish Domestic Soccer is abroad

29 Jun 2012
by Richie O hEadhra
Let's be honest about this, professional soccer in Ireland in its current form just isn't working and it's time to start planning for the future. [More]

The Republic can rattle Las Rojas

12 May 2012
by Richie O hEadhra
One only needs to look at this year's Champion League semi final matches between Chelsea and the footballing wizards of Barcelona to see the road [More]

The beautiful game becoming the ugly duckling

13 Oct 2011
by Richie O hEadhra
I don't know about you but I'm getting really sick of over paid footballers rubbing their greed and selfishness in our faces. [More]

Republic Keane on Robbie to play

26 Jul 2011
by Richie O hEadhra
Robbie Keane is a legend in Irish sporting circles and has written himself into the history books as an international goalscorer [More]