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About the Author : A budding Journalist hoping to be given an opportunity to show what I can do with my interlinking passions of writing and football, or sport in general.

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Reminiscing The FA Cup

07 Jan 2012
by Sam Smith
A tribute to England's top cup competition, with some recent memories highlighting its glory. [More]

Liverpool by Numbers

16 Dec 2011
by Sam Smith
A look at the club's 2011/12 season so far, in statistical form. [More]

Preview: Liverpool vs Manchester City

24 Nov 2011
by Sam Smith
Taking a look at the key points in the build up to this crucial PL fixture. [More]

England sacrifices National Success for Domestic Power

13 Nov 2011
by Sam Smith
Exploring the reasons why England's top flight may hinder their chances on the International stage. [More]

The Championship: The Fourth Best Supported League in Europe

22 Oct 2011
by Sam Smith
So, exactly why is the Championship so well supported? Here's the top reasons. [More]

The Premier League Team of the Year... so far

10 Oct 2011
by Sam Smith
We take a look at players who have been the shining lights in the Premier League so far this campaign. [More]

Club Rivalries Will Stop England Winning Euro 2012

07 Oct 2011
by Sam Smith
We explore the reasons why club football rivalries will spill into the England camp and spoil the party. [More]

The Most Memorable Premier League Season of all Time?

20 Sep 2011
by Sam Smith
After a blistering start to the season, can the Premier League maintain this calibre of football? [More]

Capello's England: The Kids are Alright

07 Sep 2011
by Sam Smith
Fabio Capello has changed the outlook of English national football, here we take a look why. [More]

Glory Round The Midfield, Of Anfield Road.

27 Aug 2011
by Sam Smith
An insight into Liverpool's new look midfield, and how they could bring glory back to Anfield. [More]

City's Strike Action

17 Aug 2011
by Sam Smith
Leicester City seek new striker to bolster their promotion challenge, but who is available? [More]

'Svendaholics' Leicester City - Title Contenders?

14 Aug 2011
by Sam Smith
Can all the money pumped into the football club provide the foundations for a return to the promised land? [More]