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About the Author : I am an American Footy fan who loves Arsenal, The EPL, The US National team, and just about everything to do with this wonderful game.

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Lalas, what you were expecting from the USA?

17 Nov 2011
by Scott Cordova
The USA National Team beat Slovenia 3-2 tonight to give Jurgen Klinsmann his second win as coach of the USA and it marked the first time the US t... [More]

Is Arsenal on the way Up?

30 Oct 2011
by Scott Cordova
When the Premier League started Arsenal looked like a shell of the team that had been a regular in the top four and would have been lucky to fini... [More]

This Manchester Derby counted!

25 Oct 2011
by Scott Cordova
I wrote an article in August about the Community Shield in which I said Manchester City really didn't care about that match at all. In that game ... [More]

One Little Mistake!

15 Oct 2011
by Scott Cordova
If you were watching the USA-Ecuador game like I was the other night, you would have had the same feeling I had. Since both teams were playing so... [More]

Klinsmann gets press off his back... with first win!

09 Oct 2011
by Scott Cordova
If you listened to the press talking about the US National Team games this week you would have thought World Cup Qualifying had begun early for t... [More]

When Referees Ruin Games!

03 Oct 2011
by Scott Cordova
As I write this it is now the 36th minute of the Merseyside Derby between Everton and Liverpool and I feel sick to my stomach. Jack Rodwell was s... [More]

Is this the end for Marquez?

25 Sep 2011
by Scott Cordova
According to Rafael Marquez there is a problem at New York Red Bull as he says "I think this is a team game and unfortunately there isn't an equa... [More]

Two late goals, two different reactions

14 Sep 2011
by Scott Cordova
The only problem with the Champions League is all the games are played at the same time so unless you are at a pub you have to choose which games... [More]

This is not the time to panic!

10 Sep 2011
by Scott Cordova
I'm sure if you asked Jurgen Klinsmann he would say this is not how he had envisioned his first two months in charge of the US National Team. Wit... [More]

David Moyes for Manager of the Year

02 Sep 2011
by Scott Cordova
I would like to submit David Moyes as Manager of the year for this and every season. He is Manager of Everton because nobody does more with less ... [More]

Arenal's Demise Might be Exaggerated, Part 2

01 Sep 2011
by Scott Cordova
Last week I wrote an article titled "Arsenal's Demise Might be Exaggerated" and I stand by it. I still don't believe Arsenal are in dire straits ... [More]

Reports of Arsenal's demise might have been exaggerated

26 Aug 2011
by Scott Cordova
I don't believe Arsenal is going to win the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, or the Carling Cup. That being said I don't think Arsenal a... [More]

A Great Move for Robbie Keane and MLS

19 Aug 2011
by Scott Cordova
Robbie Keane has always done what forwards are supposed to do and that's score goals. Even as an Arsenal fan I have always liked and admired Robb... [More]

Manchester City is for Real!

17 Aug 2011
by Scott Cordova
Manchester City is for real. If last weekend's performance is any indication then it's safe to say that Manchester City will have a say in who wi... [More]

The Bad Guys of the Cesc Transfer Saga

15 Aug 2011
by Scott Cordova
As I write this Cesc Fabregas is still an Arsenal player, but hopefully for all our sakes, not for long as one of the longest running transfer sa... [More]

USA 1-1 Mexico, an American perspective....

12 Aug 2011
by Scott Cordova
I know International Friendlies are not the best ways to judge how good a team truly is even when you play a rival. The game played between the U... [More]

I'd like to meet Unnamed Sources one day.

11 Aug 2011
by Scott Cordova
Has anyone ever met a guy named Unnamed Sources? Apparently he is involved with every negotiation that takes place in the transfer window and he... [More]

United Wins Shield. Who Cares?

11 Aug 2011
by Scott Cordova
I have always looked forward to the Community Shield ever since I first heard of it. It is an interesting match in that it is looked forward to a... [More]