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About the Author : Hey, I'm Sam an 18 year old student from the sunny city of Wolverhampton.Calcio is my official religion, and I hope you enjoy reading my articles as I do writing them.

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Clash of the Titans: Why Barca vs Milan is much more than a game

08 Sep 2011
by Sam Lewis
18th May 1994. Mullets are still cool, Tina Turner is an American Idol, and it is 2 months before Roberto Baggio's skyward penalty gives Brazil t... [More]

The Liverpool conundrum: How many is too many?

15 Jul 2011
by Sam Lewis
A look at Liverpool's recent transfer dealings,and how they will lineup next year, and with how much success. [More]

Can Serie A compete in the Champions League next season?

30 Jun 2011
by Sam Lewis
After Italy loss of 4th place to Germany coming into effect next season, can Serie A prove to the world that it can be the feared it once was? [More]

Manager trouble leaves Inter feeling blue

21 Jun 2011
by Sam Lewis
After news that Andres Villas Boas and Fabio Capello turned down the Nerazzuri, President Moratti faces a 3rd manegerial conundrum in a year. [More]