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About the Author : 25 years old and from Nottingham Scribe on all things football. Humorous is the aim, cynical the default Aiming to continue initial success with a full time job in football journalism

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Articles by this Author

The Transfer Window Phrasebook

02 Jul 2011
by Daniel Storey
The transfer window is silly season, so use my guide to cut through the bullsh*t like a knife through butter [More]

Top ten rules that need changing

24 Jun 2011
by Daniel Storey
Summer of no football. Time to get stuck into excatly what is wrong with our beautiful game. WARNING: May contain some anger & frustation [More]

Sharing the spoils is key to further improvement

21 Jun 2011
by Daniel Storey
Do we want more competition? Do we want to avoid losing clubs to the financial graveyard? Perhaps its time to rethink distribution of revenues... [More]

Lack of success for managers still pays off in payoffs

21 Jun 2011
by Daniel Storey
If I performed poorly at work and asked for a payoff, I'd be laughed at... Why are football managers afforded such a luxury? [More]