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Remembering the 'Death Match', on its 69th anniversary

13 Aug 2011
by Abdul Rahman Rifat
This is a tragical story about footballers of Ukraine's Dinamo Kiev FC who died in the Nazi concentration camp. [More]

Probable new stadiums of Laliga teams in the future

07 Aug 2011
by Abdul Rahman Rifat
The construction of the stadiums of At Bilbao (56,000) & At Madrid (73,000) have already begun, while the construction of Valencia's (76,00... [More]

Amazing pics of the Stadiums to be built for Qatar World Cup2022

02 Aug 2011
by Abdul Rahman Rifat
Despite the uncertainities looming over the winning bid, lets take a look at the stadiums proposed by the nation [More]

Malaga CF - Start of a new Era

01 Aug 2011
by Abdul Rahman Rifat
If you like La Liga but have no clubs to follow, here's why you should be a Malaguista............ [More]

Deploring State of Football Fans in India

30 Jul 2011
by Abdul Rahman Rifat
Many, many thousands in the city of Calicut follow football avidly. Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the clubs supported... [More]