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Favourite Club : FC Barcelona
About the Author : Born in Barcelona, raised in Mexico City. Internationalist interested in everything revolving around the beautiful game (from footpolitics to scouting players). Collecting football jerseys since 1998.

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Articles by this Author

The FIFAcracy (Where are you Assange?)

11 Sep 2011
by Gustave J. Mercat
What we need to get rid of Blatter and friends is a Wikileaksgate, footie-style. [More]

The Importance of Education in Football

11 Aug 2011
by Gustave J. Mercat
Should footballers just focus on kicking a ball? Or should they exercise their minds a little more? [More]

The Venezuelan Revolution

29 Jul 2011
by Gustave J. Mercat
How the Venezuelan National Team went from zeroes to heroes in a decade... [More]