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The Missing Pieces of Anfield coming together!

14 Aug 2012
by Sudy A
I feel that the master plan that Rodgers had planned out for Liverpool in his 180 page application is starting to unfold... [More]

The possible moves at Anfield.

04 Aug 2012
by Sudy A
While the days are drawing nearer to the start of the Premier League, most of the teams have been active in the transfer window.. [More]

England's Verdict and Player Ratings for Euro 2012

27 Jun 2012
by Sudy A
SO, England sent home packing by the Italians in the penalty shoot-outs yet again. England did exceed most people’s expectations, and did so..... [More]

Euro 2012 - The Final Round of Group Games

20 Jun 2012
by Sudy A
At the end of the group stages, it managed to throws some suprise packages into the quarter finals while some favourites made through [More]

Euro 2012 - The Second Set of Games

16 Jun 2012
by Sudy A
The most anticipated game of the whole group stages of this competition, between Germany and Netherlands... [More]

Euro 2012 - After The First Set of Games

13 Jun 2012
by Sudy A
So now that the first batch of group games have finished, some teams have come out on top and shown their class and others have not yet lived up ... [More]