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About the Author : A female blogger who loves the beautiful game. From EPL to La Liga to Local League, I talk about all things football.

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Eight Reasons Why Parker Should be England Captain

12 Mar 2012
by Irene Hui
Many different opinions appeared after Pearce appointed Scott Parker as England Captain for the friendly against Netherlands. Some said it was a... [More]

Is Premier League the Best in Europe?

24 Feb 2012
by Irene Hui
Everyone knows Napoli or AC Milan are not an easy team to play against. So when both Arsenal and Chelsea arrived in Italy, I am pretty sure most... [More]

Is England in Trouble?

12 Feb 2012
by Irene Hui
The departure of Capello had definitely put a lot of people in shock. No matter what the real reason is for him to come to such a decision, WHO ... [More]

What does Ballon D'or tell us?

14 Jan 2012
by Irene Hui
Football imperialism and Barcelona is the Great power... [More]

A Real Fighter, Scott Parker

18 Nov 2011
by Irene Hui
There are many reasons for us, football fan, to like a player. It can be as simple as he scored the winning goal of an important game; or he has... [More]

Messi-Ronaldo Competition is Hurting La Liga

11 Nov 2011
by Irene Hui
When everyone is enjoying the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid, counting whether Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo scored more hat-trick... [More]

What Happened to Torres?

22 Sep 2011
by Irene Hui
We have witnessed the great finish in the beginning of the second half against Man Utd on Sunday; we also witnessed the ‘miss of the decade... [More]

Will Arsenal Survive?

30 Aug 2011
by Irene Hui
The beginning of this season seems to be tough for Arsenal, after facing Liverpool at home last week, they just played Manchester United in Old T... [More]

Why Are Goalkeepers Often Being Underrated?

22 Aug 2011
by Irene Hui
The debate about goalkeepers or defenders being underrated has been going on for many years, but let’s put the defenders aside for today, ... [More]

The Good and Bad of Pre-season Tours

15 Aug 2011
by Irene Hui
  As all the teams are already back home preparing for the Leagues to begin, I think this is just the right time to talk about pre-season t... [More]

Managers are not Magicians

02 Aug 2011
by Irene Hui
This week is probably not a good week for coaches, Batista, coach of Argentina national team and Bradley, coach of the United States national t... [More]