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About the Author : respect your opponent. so that you crush them with honour, and celebrate with dignity.

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Samir Nasri and the Legendary Status

15 Oct 2011
by Iloti Mutoka
This was written after the last season's United v Chelsea game was postponed (due to bad weather), what do you think? [More]

(John) Wayne Rooney

13 Oct 2011
by Iloti Mutoka
This was written the day after the Roon announced his decision to leave United - was I right or wrong? [More]

Serie A - The fall from grace of the original superleague

07 Oct 2011
by Iloti Mutoka
One of my earliest memories of football was the 1990 World Cup in Italy, when Roger Milla introduced dancing to the world’s most popular sp... [More]

Clichés and Football

22 Jul 2011
by Iloti Mutoka
  "Wow! The body of a bull and the feet of a ballet dancer!" That's how the match commentator described Paul Gascoigne as he ran through the... [More]