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Favourite Club : Manchester United
About the Author : From Dublin City. Very much football mad. Need I say more?

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New York Cosmos Big Apple Ambition

22 Jul 2011
by James Fay
  New York is an arrogant city; it has always wanted to be all things to all people, and a surprising amount of the time it has succeeded. I... [More]

Has Club football killed International football?

12 Jul 2011
by James Fay
Is international football dead? Prehaps just dorment?   Since South Africa 2010 it seems like an age since we last saw glorious attacking fo... [More]

Why the upcoming EPL season could be a one horse race

08 Jul 2011
by James Fay
In the weeks leading up to the new season in England we'll hear how theres at least 5 or 6 teams in the race for the title, always happens every ... [More]

Barca Unbeatable?

03 Jul 2011
by James Fay
It's a trap! They are brainwashing impressionable football fans you know. Barca this, Barca that. Yeah, right!   Just to inform anybody... [More]