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Favourite Club : Liverpool, Coventry City
About the Author : Qualified Broadcast Journalist. Brain is designed to transform creative thoughts to engaging footballing blogs. Follows Liverpool and home team Coventry City. More football on my Twitter: @mofarooq9.

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Articles by this Author

It's THE derby of all derbies!

25 Apr 2012
by Mo Farooq
A derby that has unfinished business and it's NOT just a Premier League title in a tug-of-war [More]

Premier League Under-Rated XI

23 Apr 2012
by Mo Farooq
What do these players have to do to get recognition for their footballing talents!? Dive? Off the pitch antics? [More]

Chelsea FC: Let the season April!

20 Apr 2012
by Mo Farooq
The month to define Chelsea's season in three competitions AND Roberto Di Matteo's future. [More]