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About the Author : Former United fan and confessed glory hunter turned long-suffering Bristol Rovers stalwart, the boys in blue and white regularly lead me to despair. Never mind boys! Champions League in 4 seasons!

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Is DiCanio suited to League 2?

05 Oct 2011
by Andy Sagar
Always ready to say what he thinks, Paolo DiCanio is once again in hot water with the FA. Is his controversial style really suited to League Two? [More]

Fergie's Successor Must Come From Within

18 Sep 2011
by Andy Sagar
A long-debated issue, but one that United will need to address soon; Sir Alex's successor. Forget Mourinho, the new guy must come from within. [More]

Arsene Needs His French Connections

17 Jul 2011
by Andy Sagar
Long have the Gunners been hailed in world football for their majesty and passing prowess, and it is with a certain degree of irony that such qua... [More]