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About the Author : Im a 20 year-old History student from Newcastle. Id love to pursue a career in sports journalism when I finish university.

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Top clubs shift focus to English talent

10 Sep 2011
by Chris Petherbridge
The recent transfer window saw many young and established English players move to the top six in the Premier League. This is a stark contrast fro... [More]

Bulgaria's Golden Generation - The 1994 World Cup

31 Jul 2011
by Chris Petherbridge
A look at Bulgaria's 1994 World Cup campaign, when the national team pulled together despite uncertainty at home. [More]

The Taeguk Warriors - South Korea's Controversial 2002 World Cup

20 Jul 2011
by Chris Petherbridge
A look back at South Korea's World Cup campaign and the controversy that surrounded it. [More]

The Contrasting Transfer Policies of Newcastle and Sunderland

13 Jul 2011
by Chris Petherbridge
Despite both clubs having a substantial transfer budget, they are taking a very different approach in the transfer market. [More]

Goal Line Technology - Should Football Modernise?

02 Jul 2011
by Chris Petherbridge
Should football modernise and introduce goal line technology to eradicate refereeing errors? [More]

Twitter and Football - A Good Combination?

22 Jun 2011
by Chris Petherbridge
  In recent times, a comment which has been heard on many occasions is “Players are so detached from fans nowadays.” This is tru... [More]

The Sale of Kevin Nolan Is Good Business For Newcastle United

21 Jun 2011
by Chris Petherbridge
  Last week, Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan left the club to sign for Championship side West Ham United. The news was met with huge dissatisf... [More]