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Champions League. It's Back!

12 Feb 2013
by Scott Buslawski
Oh, Champions League, how we have missed you. It  has really only been a few months and a new a year... since we last witnessed the glorious... [More]

Diego and the Final Disappointment

26 Jul 2012
by Scott Buslawski
Diego Forlan, a striker from Uruguay, captivated the world during 2010. In the span of five months, Forlan won the UEFA EUROPA League Cup, The UE... [More]

Champions League: Let's get it on!

27 Mar 2012
by Scott Buslawski
On Friday, March 16th, the final Champions League draw was held. The quarter finals, the semi-finals, and finals were all laid out. We know when,... [More]

Five players that will power Poland through Euro 2012

12 Mar 2012
by Scott Buslawski
Poland will host it's very first major footballing competition later this year.  A nation that is  30 years removed from a Soviet rule.... [More]

Champions League: Mama said knock you out!

14 Feb 2012
by Scott Buslawski
We have known for several months now what clubs perserved to the coveted knockout rounds, what teams under performed, and what teams were ju... [More]

How Tottenham are doing it.

20 Jan 2012
by Scott Buslawski
Before the seson began, Tottenham was not even on the radar as a title contendar for the English Premier League. The top runners were Manche... [More]

10 reasons why you should NOT sign Carlos Tevez

09 Jan 2012
by Scott Buslawski
1. Carlos simply wont play. Now, we all know that back in the fall, Carlos refused to enter as a sub in Champions League match against Bayern Mun... [More]

Diego and the disappointment

08 Jan 2012
by Scott Buslawski
Massimo Morrati's office was working over time to find a viable solution, Diego Forlan was the answer they came up with. [More]

Iturralde Gonzalez will book you

05 Dec 2011
by Scott Buslawski
This is dedicated to Iturralde Gonzalez. The ref who practically booked everyone, including kicking a Fitness Coach out during the Real Madrid v.... [More]

Champions League: Are we there yet?

09 Nov 2011
by Scott Buslawski
The Champions League just passed the half-way point of the group stage, and like the great game itself, the 2011/12 Champions League has already ... [More]

Who benefits from Lucas Barrios injury?

30 Oct 2011
by Scott Buslawski
Who benefits the most from Lucas Barrios Injury? Poland and Robert Lewandowski. Now, this is normally not the answer you would think of. Loo... [More]

Somebody call the Police, there's been a massacre in Manchester!

25 Oct 2011
by Scott Buslawski
The following is an account of a phone call from an eye witness to an emergency response operator:999 Operator:  999, please state your emer... [More]

Dysfunction in the City

28 Sep 2011
by Scott Buslawski
A storybook ending for Manchester City! Fairy tales can be so predictable. City was full of swagger and confidence when they traveled to Munich t... [More]

When it rains, it pours

22 Sep 2011
by Scott Buslawski
Nothing is going right for FC Internazionale, this season might be lost. For when it rains, it pours... [More]

The Great Gasperini

14 Sep 2011
by Scott Buslawski
The Italian Serie A began play this weekend after a brief work stoppage and a temporary continuation of the current player agreement. The long a... [More]

Same dance, different song. The 2011/12 Arsenal Season

18 Aug 2011
by Scott Buslawski
Welcome to the same dance, but a different song for Arsenal FC. The gunners English Premier League started off with a bang, and there were plent [More]

Don't cry for me, Argentina...

24 Jul 2011
by Scott Buslawski
  Like the rest of the football world, I am wondering why there are two Lionel Messi's, a Dr. Lionel and a Mr. Messi.( Dr. Jekyl and Mr, Hyd... [More]