The Stage Is Set

30 Apr 2013
by Oscar Pipita Hero
On a night like today, a night that could potentially be one of the greatest footballing nights in the history of the Champions League ... [More]

Bayern Munich’s Thrashing of Barcelona symbolises the New Order

29 Apr 2013
by Dominic Madar
  Few matches have the capacity to genuinely change the face and perception of the beautiful game around the globe; there are simply too ma... [More]

What went wrong for Newcastle United this season ?

29 Apr 2013
by Sharvilak Thakore
This is about Newcastle United, what actually happened with this hardworking team this season and why ? [More]

Muddy Waters: Barcelona Must Be Careful in Pursuit of Neymar

29 Apr 2013
by Cronan Yu
Nowadays he is mentioned in the same breath as Messi and Ronaldo, but is he the go-to man for Barca's attacking woes? [More]

Survival is not enough

29 Apr 2013
by Counter Attack
Many teams struggling at the foot of the table will be relieved when they secure survival for another season, but should they expect more? [More]

The Three Lions of Iraq

29 Apr 2013
by User
What do the sons of a former British Army officer, an Eastern Orthodox priest and an Assyrian Levy soldier all have in common? [More]

Summer Spending in Sunny Sunderland

29 Apr 2013
by Liam Tulip
Sunderland and other clubs, opinionated writing about transfers. [More]

AFC election marred by interference and candidates’ records

27 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
Next week’s Asian Football Confederation (AFC) presidential elections designed to elect a leader to clean up two years of alleged financial... [More]

Sad, Sad Spanish Give Way To Gorging Germans

27 Apr 2013
by Javi Reddy
The scoreboard flashed out brightly into the night. 4-0. Barcelona, the mighty Barcelona, without a goal, without a hope. A Spanish goalkeeper la... [More]

Arsene Around - Weng You Need To Spend

27 Apr 2013
by Liam Tulip
A sudden realization came over me when reading the latest headline regarding Arsene Wenger. [More]

The Day Wynton Rufer became a superstar

27 Apr 2013
by Vishaal Loganathan
There is often that one game that makes fans and coaches alike sit up and take notice of one's great ability or potential. Cue – Michael ... [More]

Aston Villa need wins quick to avoid relegation

27 Apr 2013
by Gareth McKnight
The old adage of being to good to go down holds some sway with Aston Villa currently, but with four games left in the Birmingham-based side's c... [More]

Borussia Dortmund 4-1 Real Madrid: Tactical Analysis

25 Apr 2013
by Tyrrell Meertins
Match in a sentence Robert Lewandowski showcased the skills that have made him one of the best strikers in world football, scoring four goals as... [More]

Bayern Munich 4-0 Barcelona

25 Apr 2013
by Tyrrell Meertins
Match in a sentence  Bayern Munich are one step closer to a second consecutive Champions League final, after producing a fantasti... [More]

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

25 Apr 2013
by Pete Spencer
  The title is all about the misunderstanding of a phrase when simply adding the comma changes the meaning completely.  It seems to fi... [More]

Robin Van Persie : Mission Accomplished

25 Apr 2013
by Mohamed Ali
This time last year Robin Van Persie was Arsenal’s Captain, the Golden Boot Winner and the PFA Player of the year after a season of a lifetime [More]

Has The Championship Been The Best League This Season?

25 Apr 2013
by James Cann
From the word go, the npower Championship has had twists and turns, shocks and drama, but has it been the best league in England this year? [More]

The Psychology of Luis Suárez's Flawed Genius

24 Apr 2013
by Paul Waring
Luis Suárez is an immensely talented footballer who displays elements of the hero and villain in almost equal measure. How can we explain his beh [More]

PFA Player of the Year 2013 - Reviewing The Nominees

24 Apr 2013
by Andrew Underwood
Part Two of the review of the annual Professional Footballers’ Association awards [More]