Middle Eastern buying spree changes European soccer landscape

14 Apr 2012
by James M Dorsey
Alongside their successful bids for high profiled sports events, Qatar and other Gulf states are gaining an increasing influence in European foot... [More]

The F.A. Must Step-Up & Sort Out This Refereeing Mess

14 Apr 2012
by Neil Patterson
After a season of chaos, an opinion piece about the state of refereeing in the England and the lack of clarity and leadership from the F.A. [More]

Arsenal Should Sign Yossi Benayoun Permanently

14 Apr 2012
by Garrison Householder
Immediately following the late-August departures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, Arsene Wenger added several players to his squad during an 11t... [More]

The backing of the board?

14 Apr 2012
by Dean Mansell
'The manager has the full backing of the board'. The headline that must have all football managers waking during the night in a cold sweat. A sim... [More]

The Fallen Shall Rise Again - Arsenal On The Rebound

13 Apr 2012
by Telema Davies
"Undoubtedly, the main figure to this has been le Professeur, Monsieur Arsene Wenger." [More]

The Unsustainable Game: Europe's Grim Truths

13 Apr 2012
by Kieran Buxton
An Investigation into the grim financial state of Europe's Top Leagues and how Germany are bucking the trend with a successful, sustainable model [More]

Stoke: The reason why England will not win Euro 2012

13 Apr 2012
by Asa Gibson
Stoke came into the premier league in the 2008/09 season and were tipped for relegation before a ball had been kicked.  In fact, Paddy Power... [More]

The Great Luis Suarez Debate

13 Apr 2012
by Sav Agathangelou
Luis Suarez, is he or isn't he? The debate rages but still no one quite knows what to make of Liverpool's classy Uruguayan striker. [More]

Hi-Ho Wolverhampton!! A night in the Black Country

13 Apr 2012
by Richard Butler
Traffic chaos, motorway tolls and a gap that needs minding. A fans-eye view of Arsenal's trip to Wolves. [More]

The influence of League of Ireland on the Premiership

13 Apr 2012
by Seán Snee
A look at how players learning their trade in the League of Ireland have had an impact on the Premiership and will have in years to come. [More]

Spurs Vs Chelsea - FA Cup Semi Final Preview

13 Apr 2012
by Bert Taylor
We have had many season defining games thus far this year, Man City away and Arsenal away to name but a few. The game on Sunday however is our ... [More]

Spain’s economic crisis creates opportunity for Al Jazeera

13 Apr 2012
by James M Dorsey
A refusal by Spanish commercial television stations to bid at current rates for rights to broadcast next season’s top league Spanish soccer... [More]

‘Almost End of Season’ Premier League Awards

13 Apr 2012
by Soccer Sagacity
Part One: It’s time for the inaugural ‘Soccer Sagacity Almost End of Season Barclays Premier League Awards’... [More]

Relegation Scout: The Wolves Report

13 Apr 2012
by Played Off The Park
I will be doing a new series, looking at the teams that could go down and seeing if there's any players that teams could nick from them if they... [More]

The most action ever seen at Ewood Park?

13 Apr 2012
by Alex Gildea Trott
Ewood Park has probably never seen so much action in 25 minutes.  A red card and two goals all under the half-hour mark in a vital match for... [More]

Now isn't the time to panic for Manchester United

13 Apr 2012
by Rebecca Bretherton
Take a long hard look. Many of us were practically celebrating winning the league at the weekend. I sat back and I watched the insanity unfolding... [More]

Inter 2-1 Siena, 'El Principe' brace secures victory

12 Apr 2012
by Don Nerazzurri
A look at how the Inter players performed in their 2-1 win over Siena in Serie A [More]

Can anyone replace the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson?

12 Apr 2012
by Whitehouse Address
The biggest question now is who is the man required to carry on his legacy. [More]

Is Mario Balotelli worth the problems?

12 Apr 2012
by Mike Newell
How much slack do you give a "gifted" player when he is a complete liability? [More]

Top 10 Lazy Backup Goalkeepers

12 Apr 2012
by The Sports Locker
Liverpool’s 3-2 win at Ewood Park saw a number of unusual occurrences. Firstly, Liverpool won. Secondly, Andy Carroll actual... [More]